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A friend passed two of his father’s pipes to me. One is a large GBD Rockroot, Collector, marked London, model number or maybe the second number is stamped lightly and hard to tell for sure. It’s a octagon shaped panel. I don’t care what it’s worth, as it has value well beyond price. It needs cleaned up but looks to have been well loved. I would just like to know an approximate age. I can’t find any others shaped this way, although I did find some Rockroot and Collector marked pipes but can’t narrow it down to even a decade. Thanks for the help in advance. He also gave me a “the pipe” he thought it was stone, but my research shows differently.

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I once had a mental misstep and I sold a few of my pipes. Fast forward about two years and I went back to that site and my GBD was still available. I am not sure why, it is a beautiful GBD Virgin in pristine condition. Maybe he was asking too much, but regardless, it was still there. After a few weeks of contemplation I decided to buy it back.

Here, in this sea of GBDs, are some of my silver mounted pieces, all dating between This is probably my favorite of all pipes shapes, and GBD always did an.

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Pipe Used: Mastro De Paja, Peterson, Nording, GBD. Age When Smoked: Fresh from the tin. Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars. 18 people found this review.

How do you commission a pipe? B Echt Lacroix S. Erikson Flame Grain Billiard — The grain on this classic Billiard is a distinct vertical flame grain. I found this pipe at an antique shop along with 8 others at Burgas, Bulgaria. The brush rustication is attractive and shows some probable age with the P-Lip stem. This is a pre-Codogan GBD dating before the merger in Claude, French made is a large pipe. This will be replaced.

GBD International 1626

This is a work in progress, especially with regards to formatting. Please bare with us Jerry has very kindly allowed us to adapt his work for use in this Pipedia article. This is a listing of some of the various pipe lines manufactured by GBD, I have gathered this information from a variety of sources including posts to the “alt.

J. P. now 88, is a known quantity in the UK pipe trade, and author of The GBD St Gauntleys, a Nottingham, England, shop dating back to the s advertises.

This pipe restoration was a bit of a challenge, though not for the reason you might think. The refurb work was actually very straightforward and went smoothly but for one bump in the road. The challenge here rested in deciphering the brand information and tracking down the maker. The pipe is a straight Dublin shape. I received it in decent estate condition, all things considered. There was a bit of lava buildup and the rim was also victim to some other rim abuse in the form of knocking dents around approximately one-third of the bowl.

The stem was heavily oxidized and the button was half missing from the top side of the bit. There was some work to be done here for sure, but the pipe was in far better shape than some of my other estate purchases. The interesting part of this story came from reading the stampings, or what was left of them. Both lines were in block letters, and separated by a horizontal line. I originally wondered if I had stumbled upon an English-made Peterson pipe, but my research turned up nothing.

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A very beautiful small semi-bent free style pipe with saddle stem by GBD for the pre-Cadogan period (i.e. before ) as indicated by the safest dating mark.

Post by Jeff I just purchased a pipe that came in a Comoy’s box and sock. The box is stamped with a shape number that matches the pipe shape, but the pipe is not stamped Comoy’s, nor does it have the traditional “C” stamp on the stem. To my knowledge, London Seconds is not a second’s line of Comoy Pipes. But, given that the shape matches the one designated on the box and it is from London, I can’t help but think that it is a Comoy’s pipe.

Does anyone have any help here? Thanks, Jeff. If the pipe is a straight apple with a round shank, it could be a GBD second, since is GBD’s old number for that shape. Plus, Comoy and GBD have been owned by the same company for years.

Dating Gbd Pipes

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Brand: GBD; Condition: New; Available Date: May 31, ; In Stock: 0. Product Details. Pipe Stamped: GBD Pedigree Pipe.

It came from a pipe friend sans stem, with the request that I see what I could do with it to make it useable again. The stummel was in quite good condition — a little lava on the rim and a bit of old tobacco and cake in the chamber, but overall, the briar was in quite good shape. View original post more words. Peterson Pipe Notes has moved to petersonpipenotes. Mel Bud, the Peterson book designer and tech goddess, has done some marvelous things.

Unlike other iconic Peterson shapes, however, it seems unlikely that this one was an original. Collectors more knowledgeable than I know there were many English and French makers who also made a shape very like it, if not earlier, then at about the same time beginning in the s or 30s.

GBD English pipe collection

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